The Techies Hub

Digital Classroom

We pace up with technological advancements. Partnering with the tech giants, our students get exclusive tech gadgets & software access. All classrooms have interactive systems like audio, projector, tablets and more.

The Techies Hub

Maker's Lab

We have established a Maker’s Lab to promote a project-based expeditionary curriculum. Various departments came together to build a space for students to practice, think and solve problems using high-tech to no-tech ideas. This DIY club is open to students who strive for more. We’re ready to inspire their curiosity in a safe place and give them a makerspace to evolve.

The Techies Hub

Safety & Security

Our child-centric school maintains the highest safety and security regulations. Starting from their home to school and back to home- we religiously follow strict actions and leave no space for compromise.

Our school and transportation are under CCTV surveillance for all 24 hours. The security team patrols throughout the premises to ensure the safety of each student. School buses are thoroughly vetted and cleaned to create a safe environment for students and teachers.

All staff are hired after proper background verification and with adequate training. We also maintain a higher ratio of female janitors.

Our safety and security regulations are well-practised, and students attend self-protection training. The campus has various banners to state exit instructions in case of emergency.

We are recognized as the safest school for following stringent health protocols after the pandemic.


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