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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

India’s most recognized board affiliation is CBSE. After switching to National Education Policy 2020, the schools affiliated with CBSE have become a favourite choice among students and parents. This skill-based and curiosity-induced education framework allows Grade 1 to Grade 12 students to participate in the value-adding program and brain-bridging activities and attain skills to deal with real-world problems.
Top reasons to opt

For CBSE for Your Child

Interdisciplinary Teaching

Our next generation is gearing up to manage expectations as we approach the Future of Work. We require a curriculum that integrates more than one aspect of a problem. To become a critical thinker, our teachers provide experiential learning that bolsters:

  • Advance cognitive development
  • Application of concepts from different subjects
  • Embrace & engage with various perspectives
Flexibility & Responsiveness

The ability to choose coursework, stay compliant with global education and define your child’s pace of learning with us. We focus on result-driven strategies which are personalized for each student. We provide:

  • Choice of open elective courses
  • Opportunity to conduct projects, assignments and vocational training
  • Chance to explore new horizons of learning & calibre
CAS Activities

Our co-curricular framework encourages students to participate in year-round activities that involve Creativity, Action & Services (CAS) for holistic child development. Choose from the different types of CAS Activities:

  • Academic-Based: Poetry, story writing, debates, school clubs, etc.
  • Social-development based: School council, Scout & Guide, special days celebration, etc
  • Physical-Based: Outdoor & indoor sports, excursions & picnics, etc.
  • Cultural-related: Fancy dress, dance, music, stage plays, art & craft, etc.
STEAM Education Program

We designed 0ur interdisciplinary curriculum to keep real-life challenges in mind. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) program is conducive for young minds that allows them to:

  • Have hands-on experience in STEAM projects
  • Solve problems through non-linear methods
  • Value artistic & analytical mediums together
Parent Engagement

Parents are first teachers, and we collaborate with you to design your child’s school journey. We maintain a small teacher-students ratio so that each student gets involved and parents feel equally involved in their child’s life. We conduct:

  • Regular parent-teacher meetings
  • Parent awareness programs
  • Child-Parent activities to improve communication
Intellectual Inquisitiveness & Cultural Relativism

The classroom goes bounds & leaps to practice diversification and cultural knowledge exchange. Our inter- and intra-school activities are designed to respect and celebrate each race, culture and ethnicity. We have:

  • Language lab to nurture student’s wish to learn more languages
  • Knowledge exchange programs to virtually meet & greet children in different countries
  • School clubs to support philanthropic ideas

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