A Stairway To Success

The Learning Support team work closely with Pastoral and Academic colleagues to ensure that a united, caring whole-school approach is maintained at all times. The school will promote a curricular programme which will encourage decision-making in students and develop their skills in critical thinking, problem solving, honing their ability to work independently and co-operatively, as well as their creative abilities and communication skills.

2-6 Years

Little Learners
[Nursery- Grade 2]

The little learners need a compassionate teacher who can break the life-essential lessons into byte size. That’s how our trained, experienced and qualified teachers work. Our contemporary education system accommodates the needs of every kid. And we do it by keeping a low student to teacher ratio. We work with them, so they adapt to their environment comfortably. When these saplings grow, they are self-dependent, mannered and valuable to societal growth. We achieve this by improving:
  • Listening Skills
  • Speech Skills
  • Language Knowledge
  • Become Self-sufficient
  • Social Skills
  • Strong Motor Skills
  • Teamwork
7-9 Years

Growing Saplings
[Grade 3- 5]

Conroy International School treats elementary education as the foundation of tomorrow’s leaders, politicians, doctors, engineers, astronauts and what not. It is our responsibility to provide your child with the platform that helps them to experiment and learn. So, our tech classrooms, ergonomic infrastructure, futuristic laboratories, special training courses and more are designed by great educators.
  • Reading & Writing Skills
  • Speech Skills
  • Learn Conflict Resolving
  • Memory Building
  • Peer Interaction
  • Teamwork
  • Subject Knowledge
10-12 Years

The Performers
[Grade 6-8]

Our middle school students have immense leadership qualities, energy and ideas that just need a push and direction. Our teachers and staff put in efforts to streamline each individual and help them find their identity. Our education programs and cross-disciplinary activity model focus on:
  • Memorizing Skills
  • Following Social Conduct & Instructions
  • Making Ethical Choice
  • Cultivating Passion, Interest & Hobby
  • Technical Application of Concepts
  • Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence
  • Taking Responsibilities

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